Brain Training Bootcamp

NEW Stress Handbook on the House!

Thanks for making it this far, this means that you share our passion for helping the people around you.  To celebrate this shared passion we would like to give you the Brain Trainers Stress Handbook on the house. No opt-in, no-obligation just an amazing tool to help you help others!

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Now that you have your first tool downloaded, let's get back to the Bootcamp! This 90 minute live online workshop will help you develop the skills needed to lead a 4-week Brain Training Bootcamp for your organization. The Summit Master Trainers will show you the proven turn-key steps to developing an in-house Brain Training Bootcamp! We will teach you as the Personal Brain Trainer how to instruct fun and practical Bootcamp classes that improve the lives of your team.

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You will learn the Five Aspects of Human Performance and how to instruct simple workouts for each of these aspects.

You will receive:

  1. Training
  2. Certification
  3. Monthly program updates
  4. Access to a community of trainers
Clinical Athlete

Identify, assess, and decide how to respond best to, and control, your environment.

Sensory focus (see, hear, touch, feeling, smell) controls the release of energy for collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork, or the release of energy for fighting and/or running away from work. Mastering your senses allows you to control your energy and emotional responses.

Blood sugar, hydration, sleep, electrochemical balance, and stimulant balance are necessary for deep thinking, intelligence, and resiliency.

Deep thinking builds anxiety as its primary byproduct. This anxiety continues to grow in you until you exercise enough to elevate your heart rate. The way you walk, stand, and sit changes your mood, strength, and intelligence.

Control over which thinking system is being used. System One, a very shallow, fast-reacting part of our brain, helps save energy. System Two, a very slow deep-thinking system, is used when you need to learn, innovate, and collaborate or otherwise be brilliant.

This Brain Training Bootcamp Includes Certification to Teach Classes for:

  • Resilience and Emotional Strength
  • Reduction in Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Symptoms
  • Increased Intelligence and Problem Solving
  • Increased Hormone and Neurotransmitter regulation
  • Increased Social Intelligence in both home and Professional Interactions
  • Increased control over Physical Health
  • Increased Fulfillment and Pride of work
  • Increased ability to balance and control personal and professional anxiety and guilt

The Cost

The Brain Trainer Bootcamp was previously $980 per year per trainer.  This program is now free of charge to all organizations in the Non-Profit Sector, Healthcare, Fire Fighting, EMS, and other groups working to better humanity. At this time, we no longer offer this program to the general public.

To book yourself or someone else from your team in our brain training certification, email us at to book a time.