Using Science to Elevate The Human Condition

The last frontier of organizational success

Over the last twenty years, we have used our proprietary science to help some of the most outstanding people in the world lead their organizations to greatness.

What was it like to work with Summit Science?

"I increased my personal awareness of my energy/moods and those of the people around me."

"Did the Summit Peak Energy program give me energy? 200% yes! It helped me connect energy to my team and help them bring their best, and it energized me to promote our team's daily wellness program."

"The Summit Science Innovation program helped us solve a $12,000,000 dollar-a-year billing issue plaguing us for years!"

"We reduced our lost time due to injuries, illness, and burnout by 56% with the Summit program!"

"I'm better with my work-life balance. I had success with that immediately after the program. It has been a hard year with personal loss, and the program helped me or is still helping me manage."

"The program drastically reduced my stress and stress eating! I have lost 80 pounds since the program!"

"After Summit Science built our strategic plan, we lowered our human resource costs by over 30% and are achieving higher productivity numbers!" 

"The Summit Science transformation system increased our patient flow dramatically, including a 450% increase in early discharges."

"Dana's body of work is so important. It is needed for new leaders. It is essential for leaders dealing with patients/caregivers and systems."

"Grateful for the opportunity given to improve me in the organization. I'm not just a dot on a paper. Thanks for investing in me personally in a way that will impact the way I perform my job duties."

"This program should be taken seriously and valued at every level."

"This is a unique class. Nothing similar exists anywhere. What was taught was a valuable skill set that I can apply both personally and professionally. Grateful that we were sent as it was remarkable, and I felt valued to be sent by the organization. It was like a gift."

"To get where we need to go as an organization, we need the skill sets in the program that Dana brings to advance us and develop better and safer care."


Summit Sciences has found the exact current state in hundreds of organizations over the last twenty-two years. Brilliant leadership, consultants, and staff strategies have been developed within inches of incredible success. The process, equipment, and systems were all designed and implemented, but something needed to be added—the human potential in the system needed to be released.

Many of our client partners are shocked to find how close they came to realizing massive success on previous initiatives.

Our outstanding success over the last twenty-two years has resulted from operationalizing the thought leadership, vision, research, and ideas of great minds. We are the proverbial dwarfs Newton spoke of, who consistently see further than the giants we work with.

Key accomplishments we are proud of:

Currently Not Accepting Clients

Summit Science is currently only taking on projects referred by existing clients and their networks. Since the pandemic, we have been flooded with wellness, performance, finance, and strategy assistance requests. As we generally accept less than 1 in 100 new proposed engagements, we have decided to shut down the consideration of unsolicited work proposals and bid requests until further notice. If you are a mission-driven conscious organization, we may be able to refer you to another agency with capacity.