Providing You With an Effective Human Factor Training System


In Nicaragua volunteering, we were sitting with a local guide. He looked over at us and said something deeply profound, “people in the world are good, yet it is good practice to make it easy for them to be so.” This comment resounded in our heads for years…if you build a system that makes it easy for people to do the right thing… people will respond by doing the right thing more often. Our mission is to:

  • Find great people
  • Educate them to train others in emotional strength, genius thinking, anxiety control, and peak performance
  • Train them as Educators and public speakers so they can truly help people
  • Give them an intensive 52 Week business Education so they can be successful in helping others
  • Train them in Agile Project Management to help implement great ideas they have
  • Support them continually on their path
Summit Sciences

The Summit Sciences System

The Summit system took 18 years, 20,000 hours, and millions invested in research to assemble. The key focus of this time and research is on how to give someone the benefit of another’s a life experience. In effect, researching how to help people learn from society’s experience and mistakes. We use this system to combine the experience of humanity and use it to help our personal, executive, and organizational trainers support the people who are changing the world.

Our trainers receive updates from the Summit training system each week that amount to thousands of hours of human experience. Experience they then use to help build society's strength mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Summit Philanthropy

Summit Science Ltd. of British Columbia Canada invests 100% of its profit back into research and technology to empower our trainers to help more people. This company was built as a tool to help as many people as possible access their emotion, mental, and physical capacity. To create a confident, secure, dare we say genius thinking society.