Let Us Help You Become a Certified Human Performance Trainer

  • Are you the type of person we invest in? If you answer yes to the following questions, you could a great fit to pursue a Summit Human Performance Certificate.

  • Do you love to help people in trouble?

  • Do you have a way of elevating everyone you meet?

  • Are you the type of person people turn to when they need help?

  • Do people openly express their need for help to you?

  • Are you a lifelong learner with a passion for human performance?


To be a successful independently certified Human Performance Trainer, you need to be energetic, driven, and yet still easily approachable. Being a Summit Certified Brain Coach is possibly the best quality of life on the planet, yet the path to this success is anything but easy. You need to study human performance, advanced education techniques, and business to be successful. If you are serious about building a business that is focused on helping others, we are serious about investing in you! What are we will to invest in you?

  • Three Months of Intensive Human Performance Training - $3000.00

  • Two Month Advanced Educator Training - $2000.00

These two programs can efficiently be completed in the evening, on weekends, or at any other time, you can find in your schedule. The programs are taught by a live instructor but recorded for those who miss sessions.

Why do we invest so much in our trainer’s education? If you research how hard it is to start a coaching, consulting, or training company online, you will see that the vast majority of those who try, fail. We want you to be a successful Summit Certified Human Performance Trainer, and for this to happen, we need to invest in you!

What is the cost of certification and a license to be a Summit Sciences Brain Trainer? We will cover the USD 5,000.00 cost of your training and provide you with continuing education for as long as you remain a Summit Trainer. Our standard license fee is 10% of the gross billing you do as a Summit Trainer.

Why do we have a standard fee so low? Licensing fees are subsidized by the Philanthropy division of Summit Sciences, a division devoted to building strength and resilience in society. All license fees collected are continually invested in tools, software, and training to help you be successful in your new business.

To learn more and see if this program is for you, please contact us for the date and time of our next information session.