a lever for humanity

"Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world." Archimedes

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Using Business to Elevate Humanity

Business systems and consulting services  that help good people do great things!

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Media that Educates

The Outcome Edition  and The EasySheets, medical publications that improve outcomes worldwide!

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52-Week Business Program

Educating clinicians with a business program that teaches exactly how to build a million dollar company!

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Helping The Good Be Great!

Passionate men and women around the world chase their dreams by launching their own businesses.  At Summit we use our systems and technology to help these people achieve their dreams.  This is how we help:

  • Customized business training for entrepreneurs.
  • Sales, marketing, media, and SEO services.
  • Strategic planning and tracking systems.
  • Personal development, and performance coaching.

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International Philanthropy

Summit Sciences’ primary mission is to improve peoples lives through the strategic application of business principles. From medical education, to building homes in third world countries, one hundred percent of our profit is used to elevate the human condition. These are some of the projects types we fund:

  • Medical non-profits and associations.
  • Socially conscious businesses in medicine.
  • Socially conscious businesses working in the third world.
  • Organizations elevating education.



Are you ready to see how high you can climb?

Are you ready to build your company to the next level? Are your ready to dominate your market?  When you are ready... book a call and we will help you get there!

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