Become The Best Version Of Yourself With Human Performance Training

Personalized Human Performance Programs for:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Caregivers
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Athletes
  • Anyone who wants to be stronger mentally
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“A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking... her trust is not in the branch but in her wings.”


A perfect storm in society is putting the mental health of the world’s hardest-working and compassionate people at risk. The emotional battle to “do it all,” be a good worker, spouse, parent, and caregiver to aging parents, is overwhelming and constant. Even the most capable people in the best homes, workplaces, and communities are producing dangerous levels of anxiety and stress.

It is time to train people to have the mental, emotional, and physical resilience to endure personally and professionally in our modern world.

Why should you consider a personal Human Performance trainer?

You’ve tried umpteen million times to build gratitude, optimism, and emotional strength to conquer your world and its pressures. Yet you can’t seem to able to build consistent emotional and mental stability. You’ll dutifully buy books, listen to podcasts and online programs, and then lose your motivation when you don’t see immediate results.

Now, once again, you’ve promised yourself you’ll get your emotions under control, but this time you will be successful with the help of a personal brain trainer. Someone who will be there to design custom programs to build your brain’s strength and hold you accountable for their execution.


Personal Human Performance Trainer Benefits: You’ll learn how to build your mental and emotional capacity properly

Too many people buy a program or a book and stumble through applying the information the best way they know-how. They don’t really know how to apply the writer’s concepts, so they never realize the promised benefits. Doing mental exercises the wrong way also increases the risk of depression, anxiety, and burnout.

Having a personal Human Performance trainer on your side changes all of that. The right trainer can show you how to apply the information correctly the first time–so you’ll start feeling stronger from day one.

No more stumbling around the internet looking for solutions; your trainer will use thousands of proven principles to build you a program that addresses your personal life goals. Then show you exactly how to apply this information in YOUR life!


Personal Human Performance Trainer Benefits: They can shorten the time you spend on building your capacity

Using a personal Human Performance trainer allows you to learn principles that exercise your capacity smarter-not longer. Have you ever spent days reading an amazing book, felt motivated to apply the information, and then lost interest? Or two weeks later, forgotten all of the amazing information you learned?

Of course, you have; we all have. It is your personal Human Performance trainer’s job to bring you workouts for your capacity from top writers and researchers and then help you stay motivated and accountable for improving your mental, emotional, and physical strength.

Personal Human Performance Trainer Benefits: Variety

A personal trainer will give you new and exciting ways to work every aspect of your capacity. You’ll work mental muscles you didn’t even know you had! This can be one of the biggest advantages of using a personal performance trainer. They add excitement and variety to your performance training routine so that it doesn’t become stagnant and uninspiring.

Mental and emotional mastery is not achieved by doing ten thousand things five times; it is achieved by learning five simple principles and practicing variations of these ten thousand times. Mastery of the following five aspects of yourself builds the strength and resiliency needed for modern life.

Summit Sciences

Identify, assess, and decide how to respond best to, and control, your environment.

Sensory focus (see, hear, touch, feeling, smell) controls the release of energy for collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork, or the release of energy for fighting and/or running away from work. Mastering your senses allows you to control your energy and emotional responses.

Blood sugar, hydration, sleep, electrochemical balance, and stimulant balance are necessary for deep thinking, intelligence, and resiliency.

Deep thinking builds anxiety as its primary byproduct. This anxiety continues to grow in you until you exercise enough to elevate your heart rate. The way you walk, stand, and sit changes your mood, strength, and intelligence.

Control over which thinking system is being used. System One, a very shallow, fast-reacting part of our brain, helps save energy. System Two, a very slow deep-thinking system, is used when you need to learn, innovate, and collaborate or otherwise be brilliant.

If you are ready to take your mental, emotional, and intelligence to the next level, a personal brain trainer is what you need!