Unleash the Potential of Your Workforce With Human Performance Training

Organizational Human Performance Training is for:

  • Hospitals and First Responder Groups
  • Small to Medium Enterprises both Family-Owned and VC-Backed
  • Large Corporations
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Local, State, and County Government Groups
  • Any organization looking to tap into the power of their team’s deep-thinking centers
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"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best." Deming

Common Sense – The New Genius

We have two main thinking systems:
SYSTEM ONE is very fast and uses very little energy to do complex tasks after these tasks have been learned.

SYSTEM TWO is very slow and uses large amounts of energy but learns new processes quickly, communicates clearly, and is brilliant at innovation and problem-solving. Often, this is referred to as “common sense.

Continuing education, LEAN management, conferences, and process refinement work are all based on the assumption that your staff can access their SYSTEM TWO thinking regularly. In other words, they are built on the assumption staff can access their “common sense.”

Staff Need Biological Permission to use Common Sense

To consistently access common sense in the workplace takes strength. Staff need mental, emotional, physical, and hormonal strength for their bodies to give them biological permission to expend energy on SYSTEM TWO: common sense thinking.

Staff need to be trained as Brain Athletes to access deep thinking consistently and have the ability to implement your initiatives. A Brain Athlete needs to have the ability to balance five aspects of performance consistently.

Summit Sciences

Identify, assess, and decide how to respond best to and control their environment.

Sensory focus (see, hear, touch, emotion, smell) controls the release of energy for collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork, or the release of energy for fighting and/or running away from work.

Blood sugar, hydration, electrochemical balance, and stimulant balance are necessary for deep thinking, the application of training, and resiliency.

Deep thinking builds anxiety as its primary byproduct. This anxiety continues to grow in staff until they exercise enough to elevate their heart rate.

Control over which thinking system is being used. System One for when they need to save energy; System Two for when they need to learn, innovate, and collaborate.

The Force Multiplier of Human Performance Training  

In a world of scarce and diminishing resources, every action needs to be carefully considered to produce force multipliers. When you invest in building staff as Brain Athletes, you invest in a force multiplier that improves outcomes in every aspect of the organization. Every process, from what could be considered “Basic 101” to advanced leadership, requires staff to have mental, emotional, physical, and hormonal strength.


  • Continuing Education
  • LEAN & Six Sigma Management
  • Application of New Initiatives
  • Process Refinement Consulting
  • Quality and Safety KPI's
  • Improved Frontline Data Collection
  • Worker Satisfaction
Summit Sciences

If you are ready to take your staff’s mental, emotional, and intellectual state to the next level, an organizational brain trainer is what you need!