Everything you need to know, and nothing else!


The EasySheets are free mini-whitepapers, made from highly rendered usable information.  The EasySheets take the life’s work of top thinkers and convert it into a “big idea” that can be considered in less than ten minutes.


The first plan to design a system for The EasySheets was developed in 2001.  While touring a hospital we noticed that all the Medical Journals were still in shrink wrap.  Not only had they not been read…they had not been opened. Why? No one had the time to sit and read the hundreds of pages of information that was sent… the result…the wisdom of a generation was thrown in the trash.


The EasySheets are part of a two-step publishing system. The Outcome Edition produces high quality full length articles based on top thought leader's presentations at conferences.  Those who do not have time to read a full article can choose to hit the “easy button” and just consider The EasySheet. Those who wish to dig deeper into a subject can choose to read the full article in The Outcome Edition.


To subscribe to The EasySheets in your industry go to www.theeasysheets.com