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Where does innovation come from?

To create true innovation, the type that shifts an industry and creates a new paradigm, there needs to be an intersection of information.  The key players in industry who have resources, engineering, and distribution need to intersect with the people who work every day in the industry.  Why? Simply put, the people who get up every day and work with the materials, software, and systems understand the innovation and improvements needed better than anyone in the world.  With a little help, this knowledge of problems can be grown into solutions that are easy for executives like you to implement.

Innovation farming - six stages of growth

Step One - Understand

In the Innovation Farming Process the first step is for our highly-trained business analysts to meet with your management team. They will work to understand at a high level where the company is now, and where you need to be in the future. Once this is clear, we will design an Innovation Seed Package that will be sent to key groups in your organization and in our network.



Step Two - Plant the Seeds of Innovation

The Innovation Seed Package contains a simple guide to critical thinking and problem solving. After the recipient completes the training, the seeds of innovation are planted and start to grow in their deepest thinking centers. Their experience, new training and daily life are co-considered and combined to create powerful solutions never before considered.



Step Three - Letting the Seeds Grow

This process is not done in a single session; the participants consider the industry issues related to your organization over a one month period leading up to the harvesting of insights. This is a very important part of the process. Why? Ideas, truly great ideas, do not happen on command. Who is more likely to have an innovative idea for disrupting gurney design - an EMT in the office or an EMT strapping someone into a gurney? Or consider improvements in clotting agents and bandages - who is more likely to have an innovative idea? An EMT in the office or an EMT stopping an arterial bleed?


When people are taught how to solve problems, given specific direction, and are allowed time to think deeply on the issue over time… they find the solutions to problems they personally face every day!



Step Four - Harvesting Seeds

For the collection of insights given by the list of participants, we use a online form system that is part of the seed package. The page includes your logo, organization contact information, and a brief description of your vision to improve the industry with the Innovation Farming Process. Then there is an area to fill in their insights on the industry, product, or service. These are organized by a trained technician into categories related to their goals and delivered to your sponsor.



Step Five - Implementation

The science of understanding other people’s opinions and insights is complex to say the least. Our skill team of Time-Binders (a professional who combines insight across a group) helps to refine, translate, and operationalize the insights provided by the group. This help is provided through the Summit Sciences Force Multiplier System - a system of aligning collected insight across an organization to ensure there is no duplication of effort and “every stone gets five birds.”


If there is a solution, innovation, or improvement to be had in your organization… Innovation Farming will ensure it can be grown, harvested, refined and implemented.


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