Your Capacity

What could you accomplish?

What would you do with more capacity? The ability to think faster, collaborate better, sleep deeper, dissipate anger and anxiety to be the best version of yourself possible. The Summit Capacity program can improve these aspects of your performance up to 7000% in a few short weeks.

The Summit System

Why Human Capacity?

As organizations are growing larger it is becoming increasingly clear that improvements can be made through continual organizational refinement. This has lead to a number of great programs being developed to help refine organizations. Lean, Six-Sigma, Traction, Total Quality Systems, Employee Engagement and HR programs are a few that every leader is familiar with.  Everyone one of these systems includes a large variable, an H-Factor - the human element. By increasing capacity in the H-Factor, organizations rapidly evolve and every program or system currently running in that organization experiences a geometric growth in efficiency. The massive leaps in innovation, quality, technology, and engagement produced by the Human Capacity Project are achieved by making all of the organization’s other systems work the way they were designed to.

The program

1. Teaches leaders to save and then generate new mental and physical energy for use in their personal and professional life.

2. Teaches leaders to learn new complex systems rapidly through use of their neo-cortex.

3. Builds mental capacity to solve problems 4000% - 7000% more efficiently.

4. Builds emotional capacity to think clearly in high stress situations.

5. Builds situational awareness to understand their team’s environment and manage in real time.

6. Teaches leaders to manage team innovation in moments of crisis.

7. Builds capacity in the rapid communication of complex ideas.

8. Builds geometric growth in team problem solving and group synergy.


This program is only available to select leaders and organizations who share our value system.

To see if you are fit please contact us to set up an interview.

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