"Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world." Archimedes

In Nicaragua volunteering, we were sitting with a local guide.  He looked over at us and said something that was deeply profound, “people in the world are good, yet it is good practice to make it easy for them to be so.” This comment resounded in my head for years…if you build a system that makes it easy to do the right thing… people will respond.


Over my 22 years of volunteering full-time around the world I have found this to be true time and again. People are generally good and want to help…yet family responsibility, work, and illness all take their toll on the human condition. Humanity needed a system to improve itself, while recognizing the limited time and resources of its members.


The Summit Group of Companies is a system engineered at great cost over tens of thousands of hours.  We did not create the science behind the systems we use…we simply combined the thinking, technology and science of thousands of scientists working over the last two thousand years.  The result? A simple, repeatable system for shifting civilization and creating a better world.


The contractors and vendors we use are paid from the fees earned by the group of companies.  All other funds earned by the Summit Group of Companies are donated directly to people in need around the world.  An emphasis is made on donating to independent people or organizations with little to no overhead to maximize the value we add.


We hope that after looking at our firm a little closer you will decide to help us do something no one expects…make a difference!